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When #INTENTION and #PURPOSE is clear, #ACTIONS click!!!

This woman kick-ass and within 24hours she gots everyone working to pull their effort to support the thriving restaurant in this tough times and constantly brewing her brain and team on what to do for the #highrisk personnel other than providing good food to fill their hungry stomach.

She enrolled #restaurants #owners, she went to various #hospitals and offer options to approve the delivery of food, she called me and told me she wanted #transparency to give assurance to all #donors that their money are well contributed to all good causes.
She provides all updates! She ran the first day even without donations….

This campaign is running for 30days and we are to raise 3000 boxes to supply daily to numerous hospital across Thailand but this is the minimum amount to begin.

Should the donations increase, the effort will step up to cover more hospitals and help more restaurant.

Your generositiy matters and your contributions supports many. You can be from anywhere in the world – your support means tremendous to many who is currently fighting COVID in Thailand.


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