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Authorities clamp down on polluting vehicles

Trucks, buses and cars pulled off the road and their owners warned as officials try to stem PM2.5 problems

In order to help curb air pollution from PM2.5 particulate dust, the authorities remain vigilant in detecting and pulling vehicles that emit “black smoke” from their exhausts off the road.

Deputy Bangkok Governor Pol.Lt.Gen Sopon Pisuttiwong on Monday (January 27) inspected a new checkpoint for this purpose on Buddha Monthon II Road in Thawee Wattana district.

Photo Credit: Bangkok Metropolitan Administration’s Data Center

Sopon said the vehicles’ black smoke contributed to the PM2.5 pollution and officials had therefore been instructed to pull pollutant-emitting vehicles from the roads and impose a fine ranging from Bt1,000 (for personal car/truck) up to Bt50,000 (for commercial truck).

Officials also were to check if the loaded trucks were properly covered with canvas to prevent dust or debris from spilling out – an offence punishable with a fine ranging from Bt2,000 to Bt10,000 under the Maintenance of the Cleanliness and Orderliness of the Country Act, B.E. 2535 (1992).

Photo Credit: Bangkok Metropolitan Administration’s Data Center

Sopon also revealed that among the various measures the Bangkok Metropolitan Administration had implemented to tackle PM2.5 issues was a pilot project to recently install the four air filters from the Rajaprajanugroh Foundation under the Royal Patronage, the Naval Dockyard Department and the Pollution Control Department at the busy Victory Monument. The devices would be turned on from 5am to noon and then again from 2pm to 8pm to help reduce the PM2.5 levels, he said, and the results would be compared with other areas without such devices. If the air filters were found to be helpful, they would be installed in more areas.

Photo Credit: Department of Land Transport (

Meanwhile, the Department of Land Transport 9DLT) said that its officials continued to crackdown on  “black smoke” vehicles nationwide.

The agency’s Facebook page on Monday (January 27) reported that 2,250 vehicles had been checked on January 26. Nineteen vehicles emitting more than 46 per cent pollutants and therefore had been banned from the road while warnings had been issued to 83 vehicles with 30-45 per cent of pollutants.

The vehicle underwent the inspection included 437 vehicles (275 trucks and 162 buses) detected in Bangkok of which six were banned and one got a warning; 478 vehicles (323 trucks and 155 buses) detected by 15 DLT provincial offices whose jurisdictions cover inbound routes to Bangkok resulting in the banning of 12 vehicles and warnings to 28 vehicles; and 1,605 vehicles (354 trucks and 1,251 buses) detected by 61 DLT provincial offices resulting in the banning of one vehicle and 54 warnings.

From October 1, 2019 to January 26, 2020, the DLT had inspected 69,763 vehicles and banned 1,223, the agency said. People were also urged to participate in this effort by submitting photo evidence  of pollutant-emitting vehicles with visible licence plates to the DLT hotline 1584, or to Line@: @1584DLT or to the website or e-mail to


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