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Does your pet need a vacation?

Tell your dog about the beaches, tell the cat about the exotic scents

Kupluthai Pungkanon


There’s a growing list of holiday destinations in Thailand where pets are welcome and can even stay for free. Imagine how much more fun it would be if your dog was running along the beach while you’re relaxing or your cat was finding its own purrfect home away from home.

The pet-friendly accommodations range from Kodchasri Thani in the heart of Chiang Mai to Ongsa House on the most popular beach in Phuket.

Te Mata Glamping in Khao Yai has a pet playground, Koh Samui welcomes pooches and kitties at the world-class Sky Dream Villa, and Koh Tao has the Casas del Sol Luxury Boutique Villas where pets can hit the beach with you.

A recent survey by travel website Booking.com found that 67 per cent of Thais consider their pets full-fledged members of the family and 58 per cent say they’d enjoy their vacations more if they got to bring the furry one along.

The coming year is expected to see animal lovers around the world making a more conscious effort to put their pets in the priority lane and take them along on holidays.

Fifty-two per cent of Thais even say they’ll choose their 2020 destinations based on whether their pets can stay by their side.

It will thus be more and more important for pet-friendly accommodations to create a welcoming environment for both human guests and their four-legged companions. Fifty-four per cent of Thais lament the lack of clear and quality information available about travelling abroad with pets.

Goldendoodle dog is jumping up at the reception desk of his grooming parlour.

The top five amenities needed for guests with pets in the year ahead, said those surveyed, will be (in descending order of importance) space for the animals to run and play, veterinary support, a friendly and warm environment, pet-friendly activities, and pet-sitting or walking services.

The research commissioned by Booking.com was independently conducted in August among an online sampling of adults who have taken a trip in the last 12 months or plan to take a trip in the next 12 months.

There were 22,000 respondents – 1,000 each in Australia, Germany, France, Spain, Italy, Japan, China, Brazil, India, the United States, Britain, Russia, Indonesia, Colombia and South Korea and 500 each in New Zealand, Thailand, Argentina, Belgium, Canada, Denmark, Hong Kong, Croatia, Taiwan, Mexico, the Netherlands, Sweden, Singapore and Israel.

See all the finding at http://TravelPredictions2020.com.

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