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Coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) WHO Thailand Situation Report – 25 March 2020


• On the 25th of March 2020, 107 new cases of laboratory-confirmed COVID-19 were announced by the Ministry of Public Health of Thailand (MoPH), bringing the total number of cases to 934.
• Nine cases are linked to previous clusters involving pubs and Boxing stadiums. Fourteen cases are close contacts of other cases and four are related to religious events in Malaysia.
• Eleven cases are related to foreigners and Thais returning from abroad or those working with international travelers.
• Two healthcare providers have become infected and 67 other cases remain under investigation.
• COIVD-19 cases are now widely distributed in Thailand’s provinces. The MOPH asks all persons coming from Bangkok to report to the designated Communicable Diseases Officers in their sub-district, remain at home, and maintain a distance of at least 1 meter from other persons.
• Of the 934 COVID-19 cases reported in Thailand, 70 have recovered, 860 are receiving treatment in healthcare settings. About 20% of cases did not have symptoms at the time they were tested. Four cases are in serious condition and four have died.
• There is now a cumulative total of 13,027 Patients Under Investigation (PUIs) in Thailand since the COVID-19 outbreak began, including 6,736 people being actively investigated or treated. This group includes people being treated for other conditions who are no longer suspected of having COVID-19 infection.

Data as reported by the Thai Ministry of Public Health on 25 March 2020
total and new cases in last 24 hours
934 confirmed (107 new)
4 deaths, 4 severe cases
860 persons receiving treatment.

Prime Minister Pra yuth Chan Ocha issued a National Emergency Decree effective 26th March until April 30th. This decree authorizes certain government agencies to effect or enforce specific actions necessary to reduce transmission of the pandemic virus and bring the epidemic under control. The public is requested to remain inside their homes and to limit all social contacts. The MOPH urges the workers of retail business in Bangkok not to travel to their hometowns to prevent the spread of coronavirus to their families. The National Communicable Disease Committee has asked all provincial Governors to implement screening, case finding and disease prevention measures at district and sub-district levels. Testing, isolating positive cases and tracing their contacts to limit ongoing transmission of the virus, is an essential public health response at this moment. These activities, combined with strict social distancing measures, are the best tools currently available to combat the pandemic.


To reduce the risk of contracting the virus that causes COVID-19 observe the following:
• Remain inside your home. Leave your home only for essential activities (e.g. medical care, purchase food).
• Maintain a distance of at least 1 meter from all other persons at all times.
• Frequently wash your hands, especially after contact with ill people or their environment. An alcohol-based
hand rub is also effective
• Do not touch your eyes, nose or mouth.
• If unwell, wear a cloth or paper mask. Do not use N95 respirators as supplies are limited and they are critically needed for healthcare workers.
• Cover coughs & sneezes with disposable tissues or clothing and frequently wash your hands.
• Do not shake hands, embrace, share eating utensils or smoking devices with other people.

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