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Govt to review lockdown measures for business re-opening

The government is expected to review lockdown measures for the private sector to restart their businesses partially under a zoning system.  This relaxation is being considered due to the improved Covid-19 situation with less infected patients in the past weeks.

It will help alleviate economic and financial problems of both enterpreneurs and unemployed workers, and clear and effective control measures from semi-lockdown transition to national stability mode.    Under supervision of the Covid-19 pandemic taskforce, the decision will be considered thoroughly in collaboration with the working committee comprising the epidemists of Public Health Ministry, Chamber of Commerce and Board of Trade of Thailand, TDRI, and take into account of WHO’s guidelines.

In compliance with WHO’s guidelines to unlock the areas, the followings need to be met and considered:

  1. Ability to control pandemic in effective ways.
  2. Systematic health control measures to investigate, separate and cure infected patients.
  3. Least risk but exposed to high risk infection such as elder community house.
  4. Schools, offices, and hospitals/health hubs need to be effectively prevented and detected.
  5. Risk management for immigrants to Thailand.
  6. Public awareness, participation, social well-being during post-Covid19.

Todate, the following key points and measures to control the virus spread include

  1. Under the private sector’s proposal, there are 7 businesses namely department stores and shopping malls, restaurants, outdoor sport fields, indoor sport complex and fitness, beauty and barber shops, pub and bars, game rooms, offices for rent, specialty stores eg furnitures and electrical appliances. These businesses are  appealing for 1st phase of re-opening with action plans such as body temperature checkpoints, mandatory to wear masks, restricted no. of people for elevator and escalator using, special payment queue for elders, handicapped, pregnant people, cleaning and hygiene measures, goods pick up points.
  2. Customers will be asked to download the government’s “Mor-chana” mobile application to track Covid’s patients and suspects by using 3-color codes, green (cleared of Covid-19 infection), yellow (at-risk group), and red (infections). The operators of stores/shops/places are responsible to monitor customers by QR scanning and report the incidents (if any) while the Covid-19 pandemic taskforce team gets update status of individuals and areas being exposed to 3-color codes with stipulated 14-day quarantine control remains in effect for those red group.  Customers who provide false information in “Mor-chana” app are in breach of regulations.
  3. High risk businesses which are exposed to the widespread areas remain not in operation such as entertainment, race courses, massage parlors.
  4. Some is proposing partial exit phases for area bases. Based on 20 April database, for example, those 44 provinces with cleared of Covid-19 infection can resume usual businesses by late April or early May, 26 provinces with some infections might re-open by mid May, and 7 high risk provinces such as Bangkok, Chonburi, Nonthaburi, Pathumtani, Samutprakarn, Phuket, Yala are closely monitored with gradual phase re-opening in some sectors and adequate control measures.
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