Making IOT interconnectivity as easy as pie

NETPIE’s new version can shorten and ease the process of IoT product development considerably



The National Science and Technology Development Agency (NSTDA) today announced the launch of the latest edition of the Network Platform for Internet of Everything 2020 or NETPIE 2020 to support Internet of thing (IoT) platform.

In its first phase, the new platform, which was developed by NSTDA in collaboration with the National Electronics and Computer Technology Center (NECTEC), served and supported developers and Thai SMEs to interconnect Internet of Things (IoT) devices. Since its public release in September 2015, it has grown steadily for both educational and economic purposes and has gradually become a solid foundation for Thailand’s industrial transition into 4.0 era.

It was not until January 2018, when then-Minister of Science and Technology, Dr. Suwit Maesincee, announced his vision to turn Thailand into a Makers Nation that NETPIE has finally gained enough momentum to propel its service to a commercial level. Some members of NETPIE R&D team left the NECTEC and NSTDA to set up NEXPIE Company Limited in order to operate and provide commercial IoT platform services professionally under the NETPIE license. This gave users more confidence in NETPIE’s ability to serve the growing needs of commercial users in the long run though it still maintained free service for students, developers and SMEs under the auspices of the National Broadcasting and Telecommunication Commission (NBTC).
Ever since then the R&D team from both NECTEC and NEXPIE have continued to work together to improve the platform. The goal is to find and remove any limitations and difficulties NETPIE users might have experienced. And now the fruit of their labour is ready to launch.

NETPIE 2020, the latest version of NETPIE, promises to fulfill the needs of its commercial users, especially those in the industrial sector. The platform’s new version can shorten and ease the process of IoT product development considerably, from the stage of designing, prototyping, implementing right down to administering and maintaining. NETPIE 2020 comes with the newly designed architecture and many exciting new features such as:
• Capability to connect with any hardware platforms and applications regardless of computer languages involved;
• Flexible ID/authorization management in which users can conveniently and dynamically add, drop and group their authorized devices based on their needs. This feature is very powerful for users building IoT products for third-party use such as IoT consumer product company;
• Virtual database that stores the latest status and sensing data for each individual device. Writing application to interact with IoT devices can become much easier;
• Trigger/notification functions and data preparation for storage that can be done on the platform instead of hard coding onto the end devices or the applications themselves.
• API (Application Program Interface) enabling data and devices on NETPIE 2020 to communicate and work with external devices, applications, web services.
NETPIE 2020 will remain free to use so that Thai developers, budding or professionals, have tools to hone their skills and materialize their creativity.


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