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Walking forward with ‘Courage’

Korn Chatikavanij introduces his new party, the aptly named ‘Kla’


Former Finance Minister Korn Chatikavanij chose today, Valentine’s Day (February 14), to launch his new party named “Kla” meaning courage and is aiming to contest the next general election.

The party’s name was selected from more than 120,000 proposed names for the new party on his Facebook.

“Kla..We are here to act. We name [our party] ‘Kla’ because the country needs courage to ‘act’ and to create ‘change’,” Korn posted on his Facebook on Friday.

He also urged people who are courageous, have creative thinking and see the potential of the country to join forces and act together,

The former deputy leader of the Democrats resigned from the Party last month amid reports that he was upset that the current Democrat Party executive committee ignored his economic expertise and had instead promoted Prinn Panichapakdi, an economist and deputy party leader.

Korn’s new party is taking the form of a “political start-up” in the hope that it will attract support from a wide cross-section of society, especially the new generation. His plan is to gather experts in various sectors to join the new party while keeping the number of politicians low.

Atthawit Suwanpakdi, a co-founder of the new party, on Friday submitted the registration for the new party at the Election Commission Office.

The former Bangkok MP from Democrat Party said the new party used a start-up model as a platform to make it open to all Thais with creative and bold ideas to think, act and bring about change.

He said the party was founded under four ideologies, namely pragmatism, bringing about a new economic structure, linking people of various ages to move forward together, and being a political party with a neutral platform to gather courageous experts in various sectors to design strategies that would see the country advance.

He also explained that the party’s logo — a fist – represented action.

The party set up a Facebook page named “Kla” as a tool to communicate with its supporters, he added. He expects that the party to convene a general meeting and select executive members in March.

Kla also introduced some well-known figures as among the first group to join the party. They are Worawut Oonjai, president of the Thai Retailers Association, Moncheep Sivasinangkura or “Kru Ped”, a well-known song composer and Benjarong Tarana, a young online fashionista.

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