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From entertainment and iconic moments to pop culture and sports, here’s what defined the county on Twitter in 2019


Twitter is unique as a global public conversation platform that shows you what’s happening right now and lets you talk about it with anyone around the world. From discovering your interests, connecting with others to expressing yourself; you can be your authentic self on Twitter. Multiply that by hundreds of millions of people globally and what you get is an amazing, diverse public view of the world – from funny personal moments to serious global events, from sensible tips to zany reactions, from pop culture to protests, and everything in between.

That’s why Twitter’s end-of-year reflection is so fascinating to see what we have collectively talked about in 2019. This year will go down as the year of conversation on Twitter in Thailand; the year when audiences put themselves at the heart of #WhatsHappening and defined the conversations taking place. It was a year filled with moments that became “talk of the town” on Twitter from the pomp of the 3-day coronation ceremony of HM the King of Thailand (#พระราชพิธีบรมราชาภิเษก), to the eagerly-awaited General Election (#ThailandElection2019), the iconic Thai New Year (#Songkran) celebrations and the successful #ASEANSummit.

While K-Pop remained popular on Twitter in Thailand in 2019, the conversation diversified. Thai entertainers and musicians dominated the entertainment conversation, sports fans took to Twitter to cheer on their teams and celebrate Thai sporting success, with the FIFA Women’s World Cup (@FIFAWWC) capturing the attention of the nation, while conversations around beauty (#HowToPerfect), social commerce and education (#Dek62) were also popular.

Below are the top hashtags, accounts and Tweets that dominated Twitter in Thailand in 2019.

Most Tweeted about hashtags on Twitter in Thailand
Invented 12 years ago, the hashtag (#) symbol is used to group conversations around a specific topic. It’s also used as a way to search for content on a topic of interest. Thai Twitter users are prolific with their hashtags, using them in both Thai and English languages.

Thais love their home-grown singers and that was shown this year with the top five most Tweeted about hashtags all being Thai musicians – #เป๊กผลิตโชค, #bambam, #peckpalitchoke, #lisa, #bnk48. Thai TV fans were not to be outdone though with #ออฟกัน, #singtoprachaya and #kristperawat all making the list. These are the most Tweeted about entertainment-related hashtags on Twitter in Thailand in 2019.

Most Tweeted about Twitter accounts in Thailand
As the conversations evolved this year, so did the most Tweeted about people with many changes from 2018. sutiฯ (@sfkkfs_) Tweeted about beauty, musicians, iconic moments and often shared their humorous point of view – propelling them to be the most Tweeted about Twitter account in Thailand this year. The second spot goes to americano (@suzu17_); who likes to Tweet about personal, often emotional, sentiment. While mars (@yoxrgravity), who landed in the third spot, Tweets about the moment and their feelings at that time, while also Retweeting about beauty and fashion products.

Thai superstars have huge followings and millions of devoted fans on Twitter. So, it’s not surprising they dominated the most Tweeted about entertainment accounts on Twitter in Thailand in 2019. This year’s list is lead by singer, songwriter, rapper and producer Kunpimook Bhuwakul, aka BamBam (@BamBam1A); followed by Peck Palit (@peckpalit) and คุณพี (@kristtps) in the second and third spot. Below are the most Tweeted about entertainment accounts in Thailand this year.

The Top Tweets
Thai #KpopTwitter fans were more active than ever on Twitter this year and the most liked Tweet came from BamBam (@BamBam1A) when he Tweeted during Thailand’s largest K-Culture convention #KCON2019THAILAND.

Embeddable Tweet:

Looking like three images stitched together, this Tweet from 𝒏𝒏 (@nnxnknxe) was the most Retweeted of the year.

Embeddable Tweet:

Meanwhile a question posed by เพิงหมาแหงน (@TheSmilingHut) proved to stir thought and became the most Retweeted Tweet with comment of the year.

Embeddable Tweet:

Most Tweeted about emojis in Thailand
Emojis are a popular way to express yourself on Twitter and they are used actively by Twitter users of all ages. Emojis related to animal, sports and food were all widely used in Thailand.



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