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Thai govt issues nationwide curfew order with effective Friday 3 April 2020


Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha, as the Covid-19 pandemic taskforce’s head, informed that the level of state emergency to tackle the spread of the covid-19 will be upgraded by imposing curfew time nationwide from 10 pm till 4 am starting from 3 April 2020.    Exception is permitted to medical professionals, the persons involving transportation of medical supplies, patients, power supplies, infected patients in the restricted areas.

For the immigration into Thailand, Prime Minister Prayut encouraged the delay of  the overseas visitors until 15 April 2020 in order that the officials ensure to provide adequate state quarantine areas and the involved health check assessment process and control measures taking place.    This includes the immigrants’ fill up declaration form, fit to fly documents, analytical tools for immigrants data and quarantine planning, etc.

For Thai students and their parents resided overseas and intend to come back, the Foreign Ministry, the Public Health Ministry and the Interior Ministry are coordinating and finding reasonable no. of students to be allowed in each phase and not over-crowded to minimize the virus spread.  At present, all cross border areas are closed but large group of people are still lining up for their hometown destinations.

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